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Emergency Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration: Pipes break, sinks and toilets overflow, water appliances
fail, drains back up, sump pumps stop working, and roofs and exteriors leak. Thankfully J&R Contracting has the mitigation expertise, experience, and equipment to contain, treat, and restore every type of water damage.

Fire Damage Restoration: Electrical fires, grease fires, candles knocked over, dry trees during Christmas time, and malfunctions from space heaters are only a few of the reasons a home or business can catch fire. When it comes to mitigating fire damage, J&R always delivers expert restoration services quickly and effectively to your home or business property and your belongings.

Wind Damage Restoration: Violent windstorms, tornado’s, and hail can all cause severe damage to your home or business property. These events can lead to tree collapse, caved in roofs, broken windows, and interior damage, which can also create water or fire damage. Whatever the cause, J&R is prepared to handle your loss with efficiency and respect for your situation.

Electronics Restoration: Who can relate with the sinking feeling after dropping your company laptop on the ground or the panic when you realize you’re three hours from home and you left your phone on the counter? Now imagine your home or business being ravaged by water damage or fire damage including your electronics. J&R is ready to help with all of your electronic restoration needs when disaster strikes!

Emergency Restoration: Emergencies seldom center on convenience. Whether it happens late at night, early in the morning, a weekend, or a holiday, J&R’s restoration services are available 24/7.

Personal Contents Restoration: Within 24 hours, J&R will restore your urgent laundry to lessen the impact of your disaster on your daily living. Your personal contents restoration plan is put in place to get you back to work and life quickly.

Other Restoration Services: J&R Contracting offers a variety of other restoration services to ensure your residence or business gets restored quickly.

FAQs: Disaster strikes, now what? J&R has the answer to that question and any other contracting restoration questions or concerns you may have along the way.